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"A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home"

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          A sample market analysis and worksheet can be found on pages 25 and 26. A blank analysis form along with worksheets can be found in the last section of this book. Do your research, gather data, then do the analysis.

Know your competition!

Asking price.
To determine an asking price start by comparing the similar homes that are currently on the market to your home, the subject property. Have all your data handy. Use the worksheets provided in this book. Always adjust the comparable homes by adding or subtracting value. Do not adjust the subject property. Subtract value from the comparable home if the comparable home is larger or has a feature your home does not or has a more valuable feature than your subject property. Add value to the comparable home if the comparable home has less square footage or lacks a feature the subject property has or has a feature less in value than the subject property. Adjust the asking price of the available homes by adding and subtracting value according to your findings. These adjusted prices should give you an asking price range. Use this information to determine your asking price.

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